RESET is something I say a lot during training sessions with my clients. I’m a sucker for good form and if I see a client’s form failing, my advice is to stop, RESET and continue until the reps are completed.

I depend on RESET with my relationship with Jesus. He died for our sins so that we can have a clean slate at any given moment. We can RESET at any time when we ask for it. No clean slate Monday. No having to wait til the next morning. It’s immediate. And His grace never runs out.

This concept ties in with our fitness and diet as well. Did you skip a workout? Eat a meal that wasn’t so good for you and now you are feeling it? It happens to all of us. Don’t continue down that slippery slope. Stop. RESET. Make a new, better choice as soon as you can. That’s it.

This simple RESET mindset has been so helpful to me. Try it. I hope it brings you hope and encouragement to know that you have the control to reset your path. RESET.

Have a wonderful day!