Friday Date Nights


Friday Date Night!

Going strong… 10+ years!

Hi guys!

I love Fridays but I especially love Friday evenings because for the last 10+ years, my husband and I have had date nights every Friday evening. Okay, maybe that’s not 100% accurate because during birthdays, holidays and special events, we skip it. But 95% of the time, we are out… just the two of us.

We’ve had date nights after we got married but nothing consistent. Once the babies came, forget about it. All the focus was on the children. Back then, if I got a shower in, it was a good day. For all you new moms out there, I feel for you! But those moments are glorious too, no? I can still see my girls as tiny babies. It was such a sweet time.

When we moved to NJ from CA, we met this wonderful couple who reveled in date nights. We double dated once and they said they tried to go out once a week. That idea seemed so decadent but so lovely that we decided to try it, too.

First things first, we had to find a babysitter we trusted that would commit to every week. Lucky for us, we found someone and our Friday Date Night was born.

Secondly, here are some rules we had for ourselves:

  1. Dress up. That’s right. Like you are going on your very first date. Get out of your comfy clothes (ahem… sweatpants for me) and put on something that makes you feel pretty. Wear make-up and go ahead and spritz on some perfume. Go all out! It’s nice to dress up for your man but ladies, doesn’t it feel good to look good for you? Embrace your awesome self and just shine.

  2. No movies. Why no movies? Because you don’t talk. The idea is to get away from the kids, household chores, etc. and reconnect with your other half. Uninterrupted conversation feels like a treat.

  3. No dieting. Enjoy your food. Order dessert. Relax and enjoy each other! One rich meal will not make you fat. I promise.

  4. Double date on occasion. We try to keep our dates to just the two of us for the most part because it truly is a special time. We are reminded why we married each other and why we want to remain best friends.

These rules have been great for our marriage. I will be sharing these with my girls when they are married.

Speaking of, some parents say that it’s so hard to leave their kids at home. I totally get it. But I promise you a few hours away will be so good for everyone. My 2nd baby was only a few months old when we really started making our Friday Date Nights consistent. She grew up expecting us to go out on Friday nights. For her (and my older girl), Friday night means pizza (a treat!), their favorite babysitter and TV! And they know that it’s important for us to date each other so we get along better and they encourage us to go.

What about those days when you guys are having a disagreement? That’s a hard one. For us, date nights are so precious that we try hard to resolve the disagreement so that we can go and have fun. Most of the time, it’s worked. I can’t think of one date where one person stayed mad all through the night. I mean, there’s wine, dessert… at some point one has to crack. Of course if the issue is serious, I’m not making light of the situation. All I’m saying is that if the disagreement can be resolved by listening and trying to understand the other’s point of view, swallow any ego and move forward. 10 minutes and you will be so glad you did (I usually take 20 minutes. Ugh, I know. Working on it).

In 2015, we had some really hard times due to work stuff. I’m so proud of my husband for pulling himself together every single Friday night to take me out even though I knew all he wanted to do was to stay home. I credit him for making our Friday Date Nights what they are today because he showed me by his actions that our special night was worth getting out of his funk. I can cry just thinking about it. So, thank you to my wickedly amazing hubby.

I encourage you guys to make one evening extra special and to take the time to engage, connect, talk, share. Date your spouse… your significant other! Just writing this, I can’t wait for our next Friday Date Night.

Have a great day, everyone. Much thanks and hugs….