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One-on-one Personal Training in-person or live streaming on mobile device or computer.

Come train with me! If you live nearby, you can train with me in my home gym or at-home training is available. Do you live too far away? No problem! You can train in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment via live streaming. My goal and passion is to serve you so you can achieve your goals but we will have fun in the process. I truly believe that training should be fun.

I program training guides for each individual because no two bodies are the same. You will get one-on-one detailed attention from me and with your weekly training, you have the option to receive 1-2 workouts per week, custom-tailored just for you! Your workouts won't be the same week after week. If you follow me on Instagram, you see that my workouts are varied, challenging but doable... your workouts will be like that, too. And you will see and feel the results of your hard work. Let me help you get started! Contact me for more details.

I want to help you create a fit lifestyle and I'm here to push you, hold you accountable and to cheer you on. You got this! Xx, Essie

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